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The most awesomest person in the world to know. Can initially come off as a jerk, but turns out to be the sweetest thing.
raihan, reehan, rayhan, rahan, rehan
by maZ-e August 24, 2010
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A guy with a heart of gold, gorgeous, kind, funny, witty, sexy AF, steaming hot body, but easily distracted like a puppy. You can't help but fall in love with him and want to take care of him forever. Loyal to his family and friends and always has good intentions but things may not always go the way he wanted. Don't ever let him borrow your car, he'll almost always crash it and then look at you innocently afterwards, so you can't even get mad at him. Is so much smarter than he looks but he won't admit it because he prefers to be easy going, therefore needs a bit of motivation to realise what his full potential truly is (and he's got a hell of a lot of potential!). One of the best looking men you've ever seen but is modest and humble. Heart throb but heart breaker too. Love at your own risk.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Even better - it's a Rehan! and oh crap he just crashed another car
by rehanfanclub October 09, 2017
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1. The action of making an unfavorable comment to a significant other which is then proceeded immediately by an insulting comment and then being oblivious to the offense.

2. Texting your girlfriend without a filter.
OMG, my boyfriend pulled such a rehan last night so I'm going to ignore his ass for a week.
by gleefan79 August 22, 2011
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A dirty boy who eats curry all day long and doesn't even come into school for like a week. He's very annoying and he's so lazy he only gets lifts to school and he only plays the snake game that's hacked because he's so bad at the real version.
Ew look at him he's disgusting, he's a Rehan
by Feedmethechicken123 January 25, 2017
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