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A female slut that shows up to sailing regattas not to sail but to get banged by as many drunken sailors in the cabins of their boats as possible. She typically claims to know how to sail but generally doesn't know shit. She will often wear a bikini to advertise her intentions on the racecourse. Sometimes she can be referred to as a cockpit not to be mistaken with the after middle section of a sailboat where the crew will sit. She'll wear the latest team logo gear as if she's a sponsored pro even if she had only sailed on the boat once, the owner gave her the gear hoping he would have a turn with her later.
She will seek out to hook up with the best sailors first but will settle for any hard penis by the end of the rum party. There is always at least one at every regatta, and she will probably bring by her equally slutty friend that has nothing to do with sailing at all but has the same intentions.
"Hey I heard the regastitute is here sailing on bow #32, Think I'll take her down below later for a little "offshore drilling." "Yeah Man, Any port in a storm"
by JohnnyJboats March 09, 2009
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