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Refinery Asshole is the guy that passes you on the interstate in his “dually pick ‘em up truck” doing 90 mph, because he’s on his way to his refinery job. Refinery Asshole drives like a jerk because Refinery Asshole also believes he is a NASCAR driver. Refinery Asshole believes that the refinery is incapable of operating without him. Refinery Asshole reeks of cigarettes, coffee, and refinery stink, and spends his entire day with his filthy, stinking books kicked up on his desk, bitching about how rotten his home life is, and how great he was back in high school football. Refinery Asshole’s “great-grandaddy”, “granddaddy”, and “daddy”, worked at the same refinery, and guess what ? Refinery Asshole’s son will also work there someday, carrying on the rich tradition. Refinery Asshole hopes that someday, his daughter will marry another Refinery Asshole. Refinery Asshole also believes that greasy, stinking Nomex suits qualify as “Sunday’s Best” in clothing.
Refinery Asshole passed me up this morning on my way to work. It was unbelievable...I could smell tobacco, coffee, and petroleum as he went by doing 90, cutting me off only a few cars lenghts from his exit.
by mad genius December 04, 2010
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