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A refault occurs when someone attempts to make a joke, yet no one finds it funny and no one laughs, awkward silence typically follows with then someone saying ‘refault’
Gerald: *shit joke*
Frank: mate what a refault

*group laughter*
by Pusses December 16, 2018
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To set a picture to default on face book, to then remove that picture from your default and then to reset that picture as your default.

Thus refaulting it.
Jim: Dude, did you see Kara's pic on FaceBook? It was up last week
Paul: Nah. I checked yesterday and it wasn't up.
Jim: Dude, I checked today and its up. She must have Re-Faulted it.
by JJ the PlaneJet January 27, 2010
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A type of skin that releases in the Fortnite item shop that is a re-skin of the default skins. They often come out in the Daily Items section and can sometimes be pretty underrated.
Friend: “There are new refaults in the shop again”
Me: “mOm I nEeD yOuR cReDiT cArD
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by Sam the Matzo Man June 08, 2019
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