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Someone who bases their conservative "God, Guns and Guts" value system on wisdom gained while earning their GED, listening to Rush, and conversing with other "Patriots" at Bubba's Gun and Knife Show. Someone who is big on Law and Order except for drunk driving, pouching, and child support laws.
Someone who is pissed off about tax dollars spent on Welfare even though they have worked under the table most their lives.
“Do you believe that guy? He’s got “Vote Bush”, “Pro-Life”, “NRA” and “Eat Road Kill” bumper stickers on the back of that loud rusty pickup. What a redneck republican”.
by Enfomoco November 21, 2006
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Another term for a common Republican, using a bit of alliteration for dramatic effect. Though specifically describing white rural voters who vote against their own economic (and often social) interests by voting Republican, it can describe virtually anybody at a Tea Party rally as well.
Even though the Republicans have very anti-working class policies, these Redneck Republicans keep voting them in.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
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