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A man who has an uncontrollable redhead obsession, and forgets where, who, and what he is whenever he sees a redheaded girl. Upon identifying the object of his desires, the redhead-o-phile will not rest until he either gets in her pants or gets stopped by the redhead's pepper spray.
Exhibit A: "I heard the redhead-o-phile next door cheer and give a round of applause for the picture of a redhead he found on google."

Exhibit B: "My friend and I were walking down the street when we saw a redhead; the way he started drooling and staring uncontrollably makes me suspect that he's a closet redhead-o-phile."

Exhibit C: "There are so many redhead-o-philes in this neighborhood that redheads should stay as far away as possible, unless said redhead happens to be a hooker."
by FriendOfARedHeadOPhile September 30, 2009
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