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An extremely talented and creative Native-American hip-hop artist whose unique style and fast-paced beats make it such that most rappers cannot hold a candle to his skill.

His abilities surpass many hip-hop artists, having battled and won against individuals like Otherwise who had previously beaten Eminem in freestyle competitions.

He astounds audiences by ending his concerts with improvisational rap, asking everyone in his audience to hold up whatever they have in their pockets/jackets/purses and creates spontaneous freestyles by rapping about whatever random object they hold up.

His music also caters to Christian audiences, and he usually uses his concerts as opportunities to share his testimony as an ex-gang member in Southern California. He used to be signed by Syntax Records, but his career has recently been on hiatus.
"Dawg, RedCloud is the illest! He beat the guy who beat Eminem! His rhythm is so clean I'm going to go buy all his albums right now!"

RedCloud: Live emcee. You will die against me. And I mean that in the mental 'cause I'm violence-free.
by soupnboots March 28, 2011
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1.) A nattive american rapper from california who happens to rhyme extremly good formerly of syntax records
Man, I feel like I gotta get it of my chest.

Not that its gonna make me feel any less depressed
but I'm extra stressed and I need you god cuz my daddys gone my daddys gone
and the family lost him how do we move On?
and the familys broke and every things wrong

A bit from redcloud'S boulevard knights
by adamthant January 26, 2011
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Yo my girl was on her period so i thought id blow a red cloud.
by CarterconkleYT May 31, 2018
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What is produced when a women queefs during her monthly cycle.
"I just got in a fight with my wife again, she's on her period.
She was so angry, she produced a red cloud!"
by MC Beer Truck June 06, 2011
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Is what every heroin addict wants to see when injecting dope. Its when you kno you are in a vein so you dont miss. Its blood shooting inside the shringe when u pull back after sticking into a vein u have located
Im not wasting this. Ill be here for hrs until i see that red cloud. I refuse to skin pop.
by [BATMAN] October 21, 2017
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Is what every junkie is looking for when shooting heroin it's what the blood produces inside the syringe indicating you're inside of a vein and can proceed with injection otherwise you will skin pop- SEE (skin popping)
" Thank the Bruce Almighty for this Red cloud have been fishing for an hour trying to hit this vien and FINALLY! Im in. All better now!!!!! aHHHHH"
by [BATMAN] October 25, 2017
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