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Also known as "Red-Neck High" or "The high school with the highest teen pregancy rate in the district", Red Land is a school full of controversy and interesting people.
Its actually more like its own world, cut off from the rest of society. Those who stay within the Five Circles of Hell: Lewisberry, Etters, Goldsboro, Newberry and New Cumberland without branching out and experiencing different people and opinions are doomed to live a life of obscure, sheltered, conservativeness!
There are witches-the office secretaries, a horrible hairy monster who exudes a stench so powerful and overwhelming that it is unbearable...And of course, we have a head-worlock who sometimes forgets the human nature of his students and speaks on the loud-speaker in his native tongue of "Novo"...its very similar to Russian.
-Students were caught bringing vodka into the school building after they were discovered heavily inebriated during their first period class.

-Last year there were approximately three separate bomb threats against Red Land High School. One of which the students had to stay outside for three hours fenced in the track and field area. Lunches were brought down to the students by truck. A huge epidemic of sunburn is believed to be directly linked to the bomb threat incident.

-Roughly six girls at Red Land are pregnant at any given time.

-There is a problem with cocain addictions and also with the selling and distribution of cocain, marijuana, mushrooms and alcohol.
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