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This is an activity done at Red Robin by saying it is someone's birthday when it is indeed not their birthday. The people known to participate in such an embarrassing, deceitful prank are: members of a sports team, a person's closest friends and enemies, or hobos who are just mooching a Sunday and a thirty second claim to fame for them. Some will refer to this activity as karma for said victim, however, it is just a mean prank done to ostracize, humiliate, and isolate this innocent person. This person will make his or herself look even more dumb by clapping along until they catch on it's THEIR "birthday." The accusers will then tell the victim to go into their birthday suit because they're a bunch of perverts. Not to mention, it will probably be the victim's birthday in 23 days anyway.
Lacrosse team: *whispers to server, "Hey, the pretty girl on the team down there, yeah it's her birthday.
Red Robin: Happy happy happy birthdayyy
Julie (victim of this Red Robin Prank): Oh you didn't. OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Aww team, you flatter me (while simultaneously plotting each and every individuals death.)
by jaydawg3000 April 30, 2009
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