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The greatest drinking game ever played by human beings. The dealer is given the deck of cards. All players including the dealer must guess the suite color. Failing to do so means you drink. Guessing successfully, and the dealer drinks. If the dealer guesses right, everyone drinks. While other drinking games actually hinder the process of getting drunk by introducing complex rules into the process, your time spent as the dealer will pretty much have you smashed out of your mind in the first 20 minutes of the evening, as you run a 50% risk of losing with every guess. Once everyone has dealt it's time to crawl around on the floor and hate life. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! - JRL
"Daddy got so drunk playing 'Red Or Black' that he punched mommy down the stairs and now I'm an orphan."
by G Spot Rocks The G Spot May 06, 2014
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