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A nickname borrowed from the common apple which is used to describe an extremely attractive female who easily turns red due to any kind of embarrassment or laughter.
Casper: "Hey girl, you're super cute."
Jessica: "Awww stop it! You're making me blush!"
Casper: "You're even cuter when you blush. You're a Red Delicious!"
by crispychicken November 01, 2012
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A sexual act of cunnilingus during mensuration immediately proceeded by giving her a sloppy kiss on the mouth, ergo delivering her some red delicious.
I earned my red wings the other day with Susan after she surprised me by giving me a kiss and saying "red delicious".
by Suzy Creamchese February 01, 2011
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The worst kind of apple. On the outside, it has a deep red color with an attractive, slightly asymmetric shape, but once you bite in all you can taste is sugar and disappointment. There is little flavor, and it has a mealy texture that feels like the worst part of a pear. Worst of all, though, is that the thick, bitter skin gets stuck in your teeth, reminding you for hours of the mistake you just made.
Red Delicious apples only live up to half of their name.
by ffffffffffffjfffffffffffffffff December 11, 2017
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