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A game you play after playing football. if the goal keeper lets in ten goals he must now bend over as you attempt to kick balls at his arse. the person who misses by the largest distance is now in goals.

in cold weather it is the ultimate description of pain
person 1 " that game of red arse was fun last night"
Person 2 "yeah John's arse was so red....."

*conversation ends*
by Mini_Dopey March 31, 2009
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A red arse is a new recruit in the Irish Navy - most new recruits suffer sea sickness when they go on first patrol, usually off the west atlantic coast of Ireland, so heavy seas etc. The new recruits tend to sit midships (the most stable part of a ship, just by the funnel) feeling sorry for themselves while they puke

The heat of the funnel generally burns their arse! Thus new guys get a day or two leeway when they join a ship and are forgiven for sitting by the funnel! A senior rating (sailor) will refer to a junior "STFU you're nothing but a red arse" basically I've been around this ship longer than you!
"Shut TheF**k Up you're nothing but a red arse"
by Cobh June 16, 2013
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