Getting mad and venting about political, religious, racial, or other topics and venting about them to the point at which it becomes a hobby. People who enjoy recreational outrage always have something they are mad about that is outside of their own sphere of influence. This is particularly common on Tumblr and Twitter.
Have you been reading Janice's posts lately? I just get sick of all the recreational outrage, she's just an out of touch SJW .
by UghPlease October 19, 2017
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An act of indulgence, publicly expressing your opinion in an argument that seems constroversial, yet lacks any adverse arguments.

Patting yourself on the back for expressing outrage for a topic in which the point you are making is obvious.
"This Male feminist was undulfing in recreational outrage just to get some vegan pussy"
by Uch June 2, 2017
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Outrage that all Americans enjoy whether they be Democrats or Republicans. liberals or conservatives.
Recreational outrage is fueled by the media, mainly towards Trump, but also any hot-button issue.
by jimmydale May 15, 2018
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