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It is a long version of the word 'repeat' that often sounds humorous if used in a situation or context. At times, one can sound intellectual with the usage of this word, one can sound like a comedian, one can act serious, etc. One can basically use this innovative word in any situation. Sometimes, it causes confusion due to lack of vocabulary's to certain individual. It is relatively unknown in this world, but, is one of the best words to use during a prank call.
Pronunciates like (re-cap-it-choo-late)
"Must I recapitute myself bioch!?"
"Hello all, I am interested in selling a product. This is the greatest product in the history of mankind. (Steps back, eyes get wide open)I shall RECAPITULATE, this is the GREATEST product in the history of mankind"
"Can you recapitulate that statement you just made?"
"Dawg, recapitulate that ASAP! I be so confused, homie."
by FreeWill87 February 18, 2009
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