1. How a japanese person with an accent will say really.

2. Something a wapanese will say to be even more wannabe Japanese.
Wapanese: omg i rearry luv this anime!!

Jap. with accent: i find that rearry offensive.

Wapanese: o im rearry sorry!
by Lexpwnz July 11, 2008
Another word for really... Only cool kids use this word to make people fell stupid

This is contagious and other people will start to say it
Andrew: I just got a new racket

Shaun: Oh Rearry

Andrew: ...

Andrew: Yes Rearry
by Rearry March 23, 2018
The act of proving somebody wrong, or in some cases the adjective used to eliminate any hostile advances made upon you from an outside force.

Oh Rearry can also be used as an alternative to the common term, Fuck You.
Guy: "You smell like stink!"
Other Guy: "Oh Rearry!?"
by ARRREDABULL July 16, 2017