A real bitch. Similar to bad bitch. Basically a badass bitch. Someone who is the definition of "the realest," (not related to Iggy Azalea). A female who pays her bills, makes that money, has no worries and has her life under control. She also had badass qualities and will fight anyone who tries to be a realer b than her. And she knows that she's the baddest and realest in the room. You cannot touch them.
Jess is a real b. You can't mess with her.
by ispeakurbanics February 21, 2018
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A legendary West Coast rapper who lead the group Cypress Hill. He is one of the few famous latin american rappers around today, although recently he hasn;t done much.

His flow is very nasally, with a rambling but on tempo speed. Either you like him or you hate him, he's something of an aquired taste.
B-real has been around MUCH longer than snoop dogg's 'Vato'....idiot.
by Aligheri October 16, 2006
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A real gangsta, a Latin Thug, and a microphone master.
The frontman of the best rap group ever, Cypress Hill. B is known for having a high pitched voice which contrasts fellow CH rapper Sen Dog's deep aggressive voice. His flows are solid and he can rap circles around 99.9% of these "mtv gangstas" you see today. In addition, he was shot in his youth, but didn't use it as a marketing tool like 50 Cent did. He lived with, and likely banged Carmen Elektra, and has released solo albums called "Gunslinger" volumes 1 and 2.
To top it all off, he's a professional toker, smokin' that smelly northern Cali, and is known for being a supporter of marijuana legalization.
Anyone who talks shit about B-Real or Cypress Hill needs to go back to bumpin' commercialized pranksta rap in their mom's basement.
At the Smokeout festival a hot chick gave B-Real a grocery bag full of porno as a sign of appreciation for his music. Now that's pimpin'.
by King of da Cravate September 1, 2007
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The most famous member of the rap group Cypress Hill, B Real is a legend in the rap community for his cold rap style, his latino infused rap style and his cultural views on marijuana use. B Real and Cypress Hill made a huge impact on the rap scene during the early '90's and he has gone on to be featured on countless tracks for other successful rappers, such as eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Notorious B.I.G. He and Cypress Hill made such songs as: "Insane In The Membrane", "Latin Thugs", "When The Shit Goes Down", "Hand on the Pump" and "What's your Number?"
B Real sounded cold on the Snoop Dogg track, "Vato"!
by hornaddict July 17, 2008
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the most bad ass uncle anyone could ever ask for.
Smokes pot and gets away with it, has a bad ass band,
and has a huge ass house. But he still is a family man.
"hey uncle."
B-real "hey girl how u been?"
by rawrchilo December 14, 2010
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a man that i have never heard of until snoop doggs recent release 'vato'
b-real is a mexican, that is somewhat of a suckass rapper
by annanicolesmif October 5, 2006
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