A derogatory term used to describe the lowest common denominator of American society. It implies stupidity, laziness, ignorance, backwardness and/or entitlement attitude.

Originally, this term was coined by a professor at UMASS Amherst and used during a lecture to describe the shock students would receive when they went out into the real world and experienced the abundance of stupidity.

Although it mainly is used as a noun which describes a segment of the population, it has since evolved to also describe places or situations. It is usually reserved for stupidity, ignorance, etc. that is noteworthy or extreme. It is generally not used in hyperbole.

Superlative form: "Realest of Real America"
n. Professor: once you graduate from college, you are entering "real America".

n. shopping at wal-mart? why would i want to go to the domain of real America?

n. I was pretty pissed off when "real America" in the Dodge Ram cut me off on the highway.

n. Steve: real America is a shitty place to live man!

Fred: Why the hell did you gamble at the Western? Didn't you value your life?
Jon: It was so real America, I had to see it for myself.
by Johnny the Ass Hole November 26, 2007
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It's the people.

Banning guns won't solve the problem, only cherry picked evidence supports this.
Giving all citizens guns won't solve the problem, only cherry picked evidence supports this.
Putting armed guards in schools, arming teachers, gun restrictions or prohibitions, school lock-downs, won't solve this.

These all are reactions to the problem, they do not solve the core problem.

The problem is the American people. Everyone is so concerned with what we can do after the fact, that no one cares to look in to why we have a relatively large population that wants to go in to schools and shoot them up.
Another school shooting, more politicians screaming about more guns, less guns, gun restrictions on psychopaths... The real problem with America is the people.
by Nutzen YerMouf February 16, 2018
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