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Beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, superb, perfect, angelic, all these and much more describe her. She is an amazing person, and a fantastic friend. She's my all and my everything and make her boy friend happier than he's ever been. She the most gorgeous and stunning woman you'll ever see. She's just completely spectacular and i love her with all my heart. Te amo meus pravus angelus.
The wind blowing in through there hair, the two beautiful girls on the lawn, one a daughter, one a mother. Their laughter peeling around the air traveling up to the man on the balcony, their beautiful laughter like a symphony of chimes in his ears. The daughter turns and looks up at the man, a miraculous smile on her face, "Hi Daddy!" she yells. The woman turns her head and sees the man on the balcony. She smiles up at him, a brilliant light in her eyes, "Hi Love!" she yells. He looks at her with all the love in the world, "Hi angel, hi Reaghan."
by Fallenangel1 March 25, 2010
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A wild outgoing girl, a great friend and likes to have fun. Sings in a country accent more than her regular one and wishes she lived in the country. Talented with hair and makeup, a fun person to be around. Often drives her friends aroundin her car, in a posse. swearing is a part of her daily routine. Often speeds without getting pulled over ever. sexual
nicknames: rag, reaghh., rag-a-muffin.
"you're so bold, you reaghan!"

"wow she can handle 5 guys at once, shes such a reaghan"
by yodell May 02, 2009
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Reaghan is an alien looking person with a unbelievably big forehead
Wow Reaghan has a big forehead
by Cock_sucker69 January 07, 2018
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