Type of file that comes with a program that usually needs to be read before the program is used.
by larstait October 31, 2003
Someone who finds and fixes the smallest, useless detail in a pubic github repository and later claims they are a contributor of said project.
Sherry: We should totally hire Kraig he is a contributor to erlang!
Bob: Yeah, he added a period to the end of the readme....
Sherry: OMGEE he is seriously amazing! Can you believe he wrote erlang? Do you think he graduated from waterloo?
Bob: he doesn't write erlang he is a readme patcher...
by dongleforker April 6, 2016
Over and out! (as in using walkie-talkies)
This phone is driving me crazy already your mother has accomplished permission to drive me crazy I am talking to a computer generated voice who has hard time listening to the synodic's phenolics of my voice I will shoot this Tank before it's allover do you understand readme 10 for all coffee
by le9fagarmyyy December 27, 2012