A button on the website Tumblr that hides a post under a link. Used to hide wary followers from TMI and personal complaints. Another use for the Read More button is for television/movie/book SPOILERS but no one seems to understand this concept.
Did you read the spoiler?
Yeah man I am so pissed they didn't use the read more!
by Tumblrite April 7, 2011
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Usually followed by half of E.T's face.
If read more is clicked you will see a message saying "You are a rebel, i like you ".
It is an incredibly overused comment on youtube.
Pyrokiller69: Don't click Read more
ElfMcFucker: *clicks read more*
Pyrokiller69: You are a rebel,i like you.
ElfMcFucker: Oh ffs
by youngscrubm8 December 1, 2015
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