1) r to the izzo. one who is totally and utterly obsessed with 'the kurtz', a form of long-haired neandrathal... and one who will refuse to be high-school even when held against the locker and smooched on her sparkly chapsticked lips.
2) a conjunction. Rain and 'S'. interjected into conversation when one wants to express how one feels for a member of the oppisite sex as a 'hottie'
1) you're being such a rayens!
2)Rayens! oh my gosh. i really wanna do (insert name of sexalicious person here)
by LIZZIE THE TOTALLY RAD December 15, 2003
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The Big Gay. Gayest of the Gays. Do not name your child Rayen because it is a terrible name.
“At least your better than Rayen”
Dont be a Rayen
You peice if Rayen
Why is my name purple you Rayen
by Joshua Wee September 26, 2018
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Welcome to the most unhygienic school in the district! Where the high schoolers become baby mamas in the upstairs bathroom, You’re not allowed to wear skinny jeans because you’re allegedly “gay”, and the teachers are just as professional as a toad. When you come to Rayen, be sure to expect a wasp bite! Because our building is infested with them. You will also receive a warm greeting from our roaches, who occupy the nooks and crannies of every hallway. We’re known for having the biggest thots who will make you a bargain of ten bucks for a BJ under the bleachers! So come on in! And careful you don’t catch an STD.
Oh my god my 17 year old cousin just got pregnant, and her baby daddy is someone from Rayen!
by SkintoneChickboneleavemealone November 20, 2018
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