1) r to the izzo. one who is totally and utterly obsessed with 'the kurtz', a form of long-haired neandrathal... and one who will refuse to be high-school even when held against the locker and smooched on her sparkly chapsticked lips.
2) a conjunction. Rain and 'S'. interjected into conversation when one wants to express how one feels for a member of the oppisite sex as a 'hottie'
1) you're being such a rayens!
2)Rayens! oh my gosh. i really wanna do (insert name of sexalicious person here)
by LIZZIE THE TOTALLY RAD December 15, 2003
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The Big Gay. Gayest of the Gays. Do not name your child Rayen because it is a terrible name.
“At least your better than Rayen”
Dont be a Rayen
You peice if Rayen
Why is my name purple you Rayen
by Joshua Wee September 26, 2018
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