Rawstyle is a new subgenre of Dutch Hardstyle. It takes Dutch Hardcore influenced Hardstyle and adds more oldschool and hardcore features and typically features more distortion on the "Kick".
Headhunterz has come out with a new rawstyle track: Doomed.
by Mbeazzy July 31, 2011
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Hardstyle in a more harder way

Formed in around 2011, it resembles more of the older hardstyle sounds with darker melodies, powerful drops and distorted kicks. Can get brutal sometimes.

Notable producers in this category includes Ran-D, Hard Driver, Digital Punk, Zatox, Warface, Angerfist, Frequencerz and more...

Rawstyle also can be heard at festivals like Defqon.1, Qapital (an all rawstyle festival), Qlimax and even as far as Tomorrowland

Also can be used as a tool to scare a pop fan listener
Rawstyle friend : hey come listen to this i'm sure you gonna like it

Pop friend : *listens*

Pop friend : OUCH MY EARS!!!! WTF IS THIS SHIT???

Rawstyle friend : it is fucking rawstyle! Rawstyle is 1000 times better than the pop shit out there!

Pop friend : gtfo here right now
by nightxmared September 05, 2018
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