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Raviolism is a sect of Pastafarianism that rejects the concept of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Instead, Raviolists believe that Chef Boyardee, the Holy Ravioli, created the Grand Formuoli.

Those who follow Raviolism are known to eat large servings of ravioli to display their devotion to the Chef. This typically occurs on dates with significance, such as holidays. Eating the dish as a part of their daily regimen is also encouraged, but never enforced.

Raviolism's teachings suggest that all pasta is not created equal. In fact, rotini is often regarded as impure. Some have dared to suggested that rotini is the symbol of an unholy deity and others have formed cults based on this concept. Following (or simply believing in the existence of) this deity, dubbed Rotinii, is considered blasphemous by the majority of Raviolists.
by Bug911 February 02, 2015
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