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It's a hybrid-like between an Emo and a Raver. It's a common used style, jet most of people describe someone just as an Emo or a Raver. It's a mixture of both styles which can be seen in someones personality or dressing code.

For instance, an Emo that goes to Rave Parties could be classified as a Ravemo and opposite, a Raver that dresses strictly black could be classified as a Ravemo as well, but not certain!

And remember, labeling people for how they dress or act is WRONG!
Person A: Is that an Emo or a Raver?
Person B: Idk, could be one or another?
Person A: Well he could be both? I know that he listens to Techno and goes to Raves, but that haircut and the way he dresses is really Emo, plus I heard he has some issues as well.
Person B: Ahh.. Anyways who really gives a shit? Just call him a Ravemo and be done with it!?
Person A: Nah.. I don't like to label people a lot, I was just curious..
by NetSkay April 07, 2009
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