When one attends an electric music concert/festival and finds themselves emotionally and spiritually attatched to the feeling of the rave
John: what ever happened to Eric?

Todd: ever since electric forest he’s been a rave slave, and just headbangs in his room to EDM while flicking the lights on and off
by Mardude October 7, 2018
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a person who goes to every rave and lives for #PLUR

they think that going to raves gives them clout, so when they go, they will not hesitate to let the entire world know by posting 5 min long stories on their snap and pics of their #ravefam #ravebae on their insta.

they tell you that they're going for the music, but then they buy their ticket & book their airbnb months before the actual lineup releases, bc they don't actually care who's on the lineup. in fact, they're so bored of the music that when they're at the rave, they roll their eyes back, chewing their gum obnoxiously, and play with lights on their fingers instead of watching the multi-million dollar light show. some even sleep on the floor!
Vivian can't stop talking about how crackhead she is for being a rave slave. She's gone to so many raves and fried her brain that she randomly cries when beep boop beep comes on.
by kwandy November 14, 2019
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When a group of slaves huddle together in one area (Much like the scene from I Am Legend when Will Smith runs into the building in search of his dog and the Slave Ravers are huddled together like penguins ready to commence their rave) and illegaly rave while being flogged from afar. The rave music is drum and bass going ape shit. It is mandatory that the slaves are shackled so that their movement is restricted to a bobbing motion. Rich white folks often entertain themselves by throwing food scraps at the starving slaves to watch them scurry for it.
So man, you going to the slave rave tonight
you sick bastard.... :|
by TMNT31337 June 14, 2009
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