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To be Ratsauced: - A level of status. Typically used in reference to being physically, mentally, morally/ asthetically, performance-wise, or even theoretically damaged in some way.

- In the same family as; awesomesauce and dirtsauce, both equally as homosexual as Ratsauced.

- Has nothing to do with the nature of rat, or sauce, or sexual inuendos for that matter.
Example 1:

"I was totally ratsauced after that party."

Example 2:

"That guy's ratsauced out of his mind."

Example 3:

"I was gaming so uber hard to the max, that I ratsauced a noob for a solid 69 minutes.. That an excessive amount of ratsauce."
by Ratsaucer February 11, 2010
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