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Grinded marijuana that falls from the desk, table, or flat surface onto the floor that then and only then becomes the weed of the rats that inhabit what is most likely a New York apartment but can be any home that has rats or mice. Depending on geographic location, preference and/or upbringing the weed is legally belonging to the lowest net worth individual who lives in the home where the weed has fallen to the ground, otherwise the weed cannot be smoked and must be left for the rats. If the lowest net worth individual is caught purposely pushing weed from the flat surface area that holds the grounded weed, then he must buy quadruple the amount of weed that had fallen onto the ground.
"Sean how much rat weed did you smoke today?"
"Dude I don't know. I woke up, came in the living room and found a good portion of rat weed, but I think half of it might have been old food crumbs of some sort, like maybe Doritos or old lettuce or something."
"You need help Sean."
by seano'sullivan October 20, 2016
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Mary Jane, Dope, Wizz, Weed, Pot, Marijuana, Texas THC, Cannibis.

First used in Beastie Boys "3- Minute Rule" on the album Pauls Boutique.
You ratted your boy over some ratweed
by Dudeman February 23, 2005
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