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The infamous shock piece that Encyclopedia Dramatica dredged up from the mid-1990s that floated around chatrooms in the era. It could been the piece that inspired three to even attempt what this conveyed. I am not going to go into details but will say it's pretty sick. The origins of this was from a site called usernet as some of the boards as they noted get quite nasty for the era, the Encyclopedia Dramatica before they were even a thought. This place was noted for employing leet speak before LiveJournal blogtroll decided to harass those on AIM with it as some pulled out the infamous forerunner to copypasta and invade chatrooms with segments of this sick narrative.
If you wonder where Jared Fogle got the idea for his infamous spree think that old usernet dribble that the trolls Encyclopedia Dramatica pulled up.

others -- don't say it.

You're talking about 'Raping Lil Suzy'
by ilinoishorrorman January 23, 2018
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