The act of responding to texts within 2 to 3 minutes of receiving them. This often shows a strong desire to continue constant conversation with a person, normally because he/she wants to bone the other one. It can be annoying to be around these 'rapidfirers' as their number one focus is their phone.
*Tim sends text to girl*
*Girl responds 2 minutes later*

Tim: Damn dawg, this bitch is on rapidfire tonight.
Derek: Yeah bro, it's obvious she wants your dick.
Tim: Really?
Derek: Why the fuck else would she put her life on hold to text you? Get that shit man.
by WSF92 December 12, 2010
The sexual act of pounding your member in and out of a woman's vagina, ass, or mouth rapidly.
After completion of doggystyle and reverse cowboy, I finished her off with rapidfire.
by Z-Stizzy December 9, 2005