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Someone who is gay, has black hair, does coke, sucks cock, gets it up the ass, is a manwhore, is an alcoholic, loves to rape other males, and is a faggot. Rapegayahs love to think they are always right and never cant be told other wise. they are full of them selves and whatever they say is correct (even when it is not). HE LOVE LADY GAGA (who sucks). he thinks he knows everything about anything but hes a straight up dumbass. do not EVER get blackout drunk around him or else HE WILL rape you.
Guy1: yo did you hear what happened to mike the other night?

Guy2: yea i heard Rape-Gay-Ah got a hold of him.

Guy1: damn.. poor guy.
by Trent Powers April 17, 2011
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