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When a woman has consensual sex with a man and regrets it the next morning. So instead of owning up to her mistake and claiming responsibility she claims to have been raped. This negates any responsibility on her part and any attempt at insinuating the innocence of the man is considered misogyny/victim-blaming.
Jill had sex with Jack, despite being in a relationship with Steve, last night. She knew Steve would dump her and her friends would give her grief for it when they found out so she played the Rape Card and told everyone that Jack raped her. Everyone hugged her and told her how much they loved her and were there for her. Meanwhile Jack had to drop out after being ostracized on campus and is now facing criminal charges because everyone thinks he's a rapist.

But whatever at least no one thinks Jill is a slut!
by Wiggles_OHallahan June 30, 2013
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