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Rape is Love is a common stereotype in cheap literature, manga, drama, or movie. This concept is often used to show intense (often S&M) sex scene without having to bother developing a good plot line. This technique is used so that the readers feel less guilty about reading/watching rape story.

The rapist expresses his love by raping the girl, and girl hates it. but later comes to realize that it's just a way a guy expresses his love for her.

The rapist is usually really handsome/smart/rich.
The victim is an ordinary person.

This technique can commonly be found in Japaneses smut and yaoi.
OMG, I'm so sick of these cheap Rape is Love yaoi plot.

Rape is Love story: Akira loved Hina so much, but was too embarrassed to say. When Hina walked into his room, he just couldn't help anymore and raped her. Hina looked at him in disgust, but Akira felt insecurity at loving her so he acted mean toward her. Hina was confused at how great she responded to sex, and realized Akira's soft gesture. She fell in love.
by Hespia Klarerin December 04, 2010
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