This website that will 'translate' your song lyrics for you.

which i think is great, its actually a really great idea

but i have already needed help in that category for years

and i think almost a decade ago someone else thought up that idea or had a website that already does that

it is called

its pretty good too
(article in businessweek

Actually,now that i think about it...whatever furthers education

"Rap Genius Decodes Lyrics for the Masses
Three Ivy League grads launch an online startup to decipher rap lyrics"

by gRyPhOn December 04, 2011
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Some art-school douche who thinks he/she's a literary genius and can interpret the lyrics to any song, but really he/she knows jack shit. Named after the infamous website where such creatures are known to congregate.
Some rap genius believes that "The Sound of Silence" is about JFK.
by ChetManley June 07, 2013
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A type of rap music characterized by intelligence and lyrical fortitude as opposed to faint-hearted tempos and monotonous content. The opposite of anything you'll ever hear on the radio.
That Slaughterhouse mixtape was riddled with genius rap, it sounds like they actually think about their lyrics before performing them.
by TJ Warbucks May 22, 2014
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