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A lady who loves wildebeest and crocodile fights. A spirit who can always jump higher and limbo lower than the rest of the crowd. A woman of much character and flavor, a beauty mostly on the outside. An extreme creature with an interest in outer space and flavored syrups. Upon encountering a Ranna, it is best to stand still until she looks past you, or bows her head in agreement, when this happens you will know you are safe to pass or compliment her of her everlasting beauty and grace. This rare being may occasionally do back handsprings upon arrival to a party only to land face first into a belly button body shot. If you encounter a Ranna, know that you are lucky to have witnessed such a rare event in human existence, and give her all of your assets and love. It will never come back to you, but in the sense that she will not eat your children and/or your grandmother with a side of barbecue sauce and relish. She is a specimen to worship and take bowling, although you will NEVER win against her... ever... at anything.
"...And on the seventh day God created Ranna."
by GodHimselfAlmighty February 10, 2010
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