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The pretty ass girl who could steal your boyfriend in a heart beat & won't think twice about it . Doesn't care about what anyone says but don't annoy her to bad because she will beat your ass even though she isn't really a fighter she'd just rather get her hair and nails don't be cute And go to the mall
Omg , I want to be just like raniyah
by Omgitsthenamemaker March 13, 2017
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A fine girl who gets what she wants she intelligent, rich,and fancy! She has very long hair and you will fall in love with her by the second you lay your eyes on her. She can dance and will become famous one day and be successful! Who wants to be an Raniyah?
by Miraaaaaaaaa March 20, 2017
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A very fine girl who chases they're dreams to one day become rich with they have achieved. If you have a Ra'Niyah as a girlfriend or a friend you are one of the luckiest people alive. A Ra'Niyah says she is ugly but everybody says she is one of the most beautiful girls ever. People can doubt a Ra'Niyah but people always are there to make sure a Ra'Niyah is going to achieve there dreams. A Ra'Niyah is always there for you and will never fake you out. A Ra'Niyah is always down to fight when needed and she got your back.
My girl is a Ra'Niyah
by Vapeoreas September 09, 2018
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