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The most fucking retarded orangutang out there. Also known as a redhead faggot.
Cory's such a rangatang, he's such a big faggot.
by PornPatty July 26, 2018
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A persons with red hair, and characteristics much like an orangutan.
Hey, look at that rangatang scratching at his pits, so gross.

Oi, rangatang, get your monkey arse over here.
by janiethegreat October 24, 2015
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Ranga poontang. The snatch of a ginger haired creature.

Rangas (orangutangs, gingers or fanta pants) are known for having a carpet that matches the curtains. Their snatch is naturally ranga in colour.
I went to a Red Head Anonymous group last night and got me some ranga tang!
by Rangry Mike February 26, 2014
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An insult usually directed at non-intellectuals, commonly used during games of fOrtnITe or during roast sessions
Stupid ahh Boi, rangatang ass Boi, das why you ain’t got solo wins
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