The Random Chimp Event is the name for the monkey uprising. Humans evolved from monkeys, this was a mistake, humans evolved past monkeys, leaving them behind, the monkeys didn't forget this, and they are preparing. There is not a lot known about the specifics of the Random Chimp Event, the only things that are known are that it could happen at any point in time and that once it has started there is no stopping it, the monkeys will destroy everything in their path. There are a select, intelligent, few who will rejoice at the Random Chimp Event, knowing that the only way for humanity to survive is to return to monke.
Person 1: *hears the distant, ecstatic screams of monkeys* What is that?
Person 2: It's started.
Person 1: What has?
Person 2: *A single tear wells up in their eye and rolls down their face, it's hard to decern whether it is a tear of joy or sadness, the expression on their face makes it seem like both, they are happy because society will return to the glory of what it used to be, but they are sad that they must die to achieve this utopia but they are willing to because they know it is for the betterment of monkeykind* The Random Chimp Event.
by AXKZ October 30, 2020
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The random chimp event will begin in 2022 with a widespread disease known as “monkeypox” where the infected will begin transforming into chimps and lead the new ape uprising
Person 1: Dude, where will you be during the random chimp event?
by TumbleMr May 22, 2022
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Has a 1 in 12 chance to occur every 24 hours.
Warning, a random chimp event is in progress
by Sparkee_ February 9, 2021
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