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Rancel is guy who dosen't masturbate, and is also a ghost. he is known for liking bananas, and enjoys looking pictures of justin bieber. On his spare time he enjoys traveling back in time and hanging out with his friends Adolf Hitler, African Kings, Osama Bin Laden, and serial killers. Rancel looks like an Arab terrorist. Rancel also has a hot sister who is very fuckable and sexy. Rancel's real friends are a potato, a penis, a psycho, two black guys, a pedophile, and a drug dealer.
That Rancel is not in school he is a ghost
by Rancel May 16, 2016
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Rancel is similar to the word rancid.

Those pipes were rancel ew, Taylor.

In Nigga form: Those pipes wuz motha fuckin rancel, never smoking out o' dat ag'in you know das right, home boy! Gimme some o' dat bong up in here, 'cuz.
That pipe was rancel, ew.

You toke bongs in-stead of joints? Rancel, ew.

Tickyblag packers are rancel.

You don't understand the rancelness of a lung.
by Tickyblag November 19, 2013
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