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A Ramfackle converter is needed to fully utilize the capabilities of wireless network cable.
Dude, you just need to get a ramfackle converter, then you will be able to wireless connect to the wired network .
by Manta965 December 13, 2012
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1. To attack.
2. To berate or annoy; to castigate.
3. To repeatedly kill someone on an online game.
1. The local gang ramfackled the fuck out of the Mexican drug cartel for intruding on their territory.
2. She got ramfackled by her parents for staying out past curfew. / We ramfackled our daughter.
3. I'm totally going to ramfackle this bitch just because he killed me before I could get my care package. / I had to rage quit because he kept ramfackling me before I even left the spawn area.
by cerberus0O0 June 08, 2013
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