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A kind, hilarious person who is intelligent and thinks logically. Ramatoulie has great teeth and a huge smile. She is loved by all people she meets. Ramatoulie always scares people with her pranks and masks. All the boys seem to follow her and are attracted to her personality?
"Who's that girl who just is amazing?"
"oh, it's Ramatoulie."
by Ramatoulie June 04, 2018
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A woman who is a real bitch most of the time and is proud of that fact for some reason. She is really stuck up for no reason and is definitely a hoe, and will sleep around even when in a relationship. Also see std vending machine, hooker, cum dumpster, and cheating whore slut.
Damn, that girl is one stuck up hoe, is her name Ramatoulie?

This bitch has been cheating all along, this is why you don't trust these Ramatoulies.

What's that?!?! Ramatoulie said she could fit the whole football team?!?!

Jim: Hey man, I want you to meet my fiancé, we've been together for 2 years.
Carl: Oh shit, Ramatoulie is your fiancé?! The whole soccer team got some of that loose pussy last night, I was there!!!
by SadLarry April 29, 2014
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