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A known shaver of pubic hair in general, the Ralfstafarian, otherwise known as chinballs, is the only known predator of the Greebs. Loves the guanting and pickles herring for fun. Bit of a Jebbend, however if you were to melt his skin off you would find he is actually made of candyfloss. Loves giving random cuddles and stroking strangers. This sneaky flange-flicker enjoys nothing more than to rest his chinballs in others food. Generally friendly, except when riled can act like a dinosaur. His cheeky smile is his trademark and without it he is just a meh. The Ralfstafarian should also have been born in the 80's.
Oi Ralfstafarian, your balls are dripping sweat all over my lizard.
Ralfstafarian stop shaving my ass!
Oh sorry didnt realise you had balls on you chin Ralfstafarian (awkward smile face).
Ralfstafarian wheres your chin? you cold or summin?
If Ralfstafarian sold sea shells by the sea shore, how many sea shells would he sell before his chinballs got too salty?
by Anti-Coon April 06, 2011
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