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Central Nervous System stimulant, near in chemical composition to Ritalin, (Dimethylphenidate Hydrate) but made in home labs, from a process akin to making speed, and far more potent. Scarcely available, usually in powder form, but also in pills. Usually snorted or ingested, but can be injected. Causes severe psychological addiction but no physical addiction is known. Repeated usage can cause severe paranoia, schizophrenia, and epilepsia. In people with heart problems, is known to cause cardiac arrhythmia even in small dosages. Doses as small as 10mg are known to have an effect, with 500mg being the lethal maximum. Addicts, however, have been known to regularly take up to twice the lethal dose without side-effects.
"I did some Raist last night, it was wicked!"
by Fred Da Head June 08, 2004
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