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1. To be flamboyant and be a compulsive liar. This includes telling everyone you have ass cancer and admitting it 6 months later that you lied but that was when you were a different person.

2. To follow every statement you make in a chat room with "Ok, I am leaving now and never coming back" and never end up leaving until 5 hours after starting it initially.

3. To advise everyone you are never going to come back to a chat room and then return 10 minutes later.

4. Whining for attention during every moment you are breathing but wasting your breath because the rest of the chat room has you on ignore already.
"Don't believe him. He is pulling a Rainbow Wiccian."

"Ok, I'm leaving now and never comming back."
"Quit pulling a Rainbow Wiccan. You said that 3 hours ago, leave already!"

Everyone Rainbow Wiccaned him by putting him on ignore."
by GEP November 03, 2006
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