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The feeling that fans of a certain fandom feels when they realize that they share the same fandom, fanbase or fondness for a certain piece of fiction or character with a fantard or fanwanker. Usually, that fantard in the fandom fanwanks their favorite character, story or piece of fiction and this causes feelings of shame, disappointment and even anger in other fans since that person is making them look bad. All of these accumulated emotions and feelings is called the Raigen Effect.

The term first came into usage in an internet forum that's called the Outskirts Battledome where a fan decided to fan wank his favorite pieces of fiction and as a result everyone around him felt massive disappointment and even hatred for him since he's making them look like fanwankers and fantards. Hence, the term Raigen Effect was coined to describe these feelings.

Sometimes, all of these accumulated feelings will cause fans to even hate the piece of fiction that they like or to leave the fandom that they were a part of if the Raigen Effect becomes too strong. This feeling is most evidently observed when a normal DBZ fan realizes that his fanbase is filled with nothing but DBZtards.
The Raigen Effect is a term for the collection of feelings that one feels when he realizes that someone terrible likes the same thing that he likes and that terrible person is a bloody fantard that everyone hates.
by Pfarrer September 30, 2014
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