Obama's chief of staff and a total BAMF.

He sent a DEAD FISH in the mail to a pollster that pissed him off.
Do you have the balls to do that? I think not.

(shout out to rahmbamarama)
"don't fuck it up or i'll fuck you. i'll kill you. alright, i love you. bye."
-rahm emanuel
by lurkerfromrahmbamarama December 4, 2008
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The mayor of Chicago who is a Democrat. Many people believe he would be the perfect Democratic politician to run for president against Republican Donald Trump in 2020.
Rahm Emanuel is a very smart Democratic leader; with an even better reputation than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. And perhaps will be one of our future presidents. Everybody likes Rahm Emanuel; even Republicans will admit that he is hard to despise.
by Krazee Rob November 30, 2018
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