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A woman who is Patron Saint to kick ass females.

A cross between Ragnar of Viking legendry and St Agnes Patron Saint of wimpy women. Agnes smiles at her victims and then easily beats them with her polite comments then incredible athleticism and surprising strength.
During the 200 mile relay race she was able to Ragnes her way past 37 other runners who she left in the dust. Fifteen of them were men, many were not sure if they should salute her prowess, or cry and be picked up on the side of the road.
by Ho-Man October 19, 2013
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Name derived from the Germanic "regis", it means "king" or "queen". Other versions of the name, is Ragnar, Ragna, Ragnhild, Ragnhildur, Regina etc.

Ragne also means "wise", or one you can ask for advise, especially in questions of war.
Most Germanic languages have a version of this name, these names are much used in the Nordic countries, although this version is quite rare.
1: I need some advise.
2: You should ask Ragne.


1: Have you seen Ragne?
2: Ragne? That's not a name!
by Rowanberry November 26, 2012
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A woman's acne that forms during her period.
"She has a good complexion til her time of the month comes, then the ragne hits."
by Moglie July 26, 2008
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