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An animal, about the size of a large cow, native to the planet Char in the StarCraft universe. Each ragnasaur has only two legs, which end in large, tough three-toed feet that it uses both to hold itself up and to move around and a thick tail that drags on the ground. They are the only large animal native to Char, and evolution on the hostile, volcanic planet has made them extremely tough and quite strong. However, they are docile by nature, eating mostly plants, and will usually run away from a fight.

Ragnasaurs are one of six critters available in the StarCraft map editor, and are designed for use on the ash world tileset.
That ragnasaur is causing a traffic jam between my barracks and my bunker. Okay, time to get some marines and blow it away so my units can move properly.
by green_meklar October 16, 2006
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Full Name: Ragnasaur

A complete and utter idiot that is in love with and cows. Is a total ditz, but extremely entertaining.

Nickname: Rag

A piece of cloth used to shine shoes and clean surfaces. Also how Ragnasaur is treated by me.

Whenever something goes wrong, blame it on Rag. Even if there's nothing to blame him for, blame him anyway.
Oh crap, I burned the cookies... RAG, GET OVER HERE!!
by Strayfire September 19, 2004
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