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RagnarokZ is the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Internet.
His other titles are such things as: Lord of the Servers, Protector of Filesharing, Conquistador of Spam.
Holy shit, it's the emeperor
by RagnarokZ November 07, 2004
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RagnarokZ is sad and lonely individual who mistakingly believes it makes him superior to mock and deride just about everything. He acts as a magnet towards others of such mindsets.

These people are also know as narcossitic twats who will never get laid, never ammount to anything, and will make everyone else around them feel miserable. They usually will revel in making everyone else feel like shit since this pushes them down to a level that is adequetely beneath them to cure their own insecurity complexes.

They have the uncanny ability to point out every pedantic flaw in everyone else, while not noticing the fact that they themselves are complete social fuckups.

Also associated with the phrase 'serious psychological problems'.
I'm RagnarokZ, emperor of the internet.

I'm seeing a psychologist today about my RagZ syndrome.
by FreeSaiyan April 03, 2005
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