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The act of being so pissed off you lose all control of your bodily functions, particularly bladder control. Also accompanied by rage defecating and rage crying.

It happens when a gamer dies in game that they were very in to.
Person 1: *dies*

Person 2: Isn't that the sixth time you've died?

Person 1: *rage-pisses himself*

Person 2: It's everywhere!!
by TheMisterRazi September 27, 2010
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The act of taking a massive piss after loosing or dying many times in a row, in a game. Applies mostly when playing for hours without taking a break to use the bathroom.
I took this massive rage piss after loosing four rounds in a row on Team Fortress.
by Gamemaster10476 February 03, 2013
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So angry at someone that you need to piss just out of anger. The most intense level of anger one can feel. Usually the piss will be violent.
Phil: Damn I hate Tyrone, what a dickhead.
Dylan: UGH he makes me so angry, wait a minute while I go ragepiss.
by MrVeryMidget September 25, 2015
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