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Rae Sremmurd ( name backwards: drummerS eaR) (pronunciation: ray shrem-murd) is an American hip hop duo, composed of two brothers, Khalif "Swae Lee" Brown (born June 7, 1995) and Aaquil "Slim Jimmi" Brown (born December 29, 1993). They are best known for their platinum singles "No Flex Zone" and "No Type"; which peaked at numbers 23 and 9 on the US Billboard Hot 100, respectively. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their debut album SremmLife was released on January 6, 2015. The name "Rae Sremmurd" is derived from the duo's home label, EarDrummers, by spelling each word backwards.
Me: you heard that bomb ass song By Chance by Rae Sremmurd
Person 2: Yeah it's fire!
by KawaiiDoesn'tCare May 30, 2016
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Two kids who produce awful, corporate-sponsored music with their crew who all sound 13 even though they're 20 and use autotune. They got a deal for no reason, and their name is just their record label spelled backwards (which is also why NOBODY can pronounce their name: it simply is not a word). They look out of place in all of their music videos, because they are clearly underage yet they still have paid actresses all around them. Their contributions to music place them above Soulja Boy but below Lil Wayne.
Rae Sremmurd produces fantastic lines such as:
"Sae Lee, Lee Swae, it's the same difference"

Or obvious contradictions such as:
"I ain't got no type, nah"
"And if you not my type then you know I got to keep this shit short"
by aturv October 24, 2014
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